Sunday, November 30, 2008

The size of my thighs, and other things no one cares about:

When did everyone start using the term 'boning'? i know it was used in the 80's and stuff, but it's back in a major way and I'm just not clear on when it began to resurface. at first i was appalled and totally not a fan. but just like the rest of pop culture, it's seeped through and penetrated my soul. and for the same reason i watch the hills and am now blogging, i use the word 'boning' instead of/ more than 1. fucking, 2. making love 3. having sex 4. doing it. if only it was this easy to become anorexic!

^ This is what you get when boys like you. 

^  AND custom starbucks.


camerin john paszterko burns kelly said...

haha. that's a funny note. check here if you want to go to prom. check here if you don't.

Leti said...

Welcome to the BONE ZONE. I love your blog.