Friday, February 27, 2009

boycrazy on the go:

sometimes when you're on your way to starbucks on beverly and labrea, you run into people you used to know. a dude sticks his head out of his car and says "hey, alexi! it's me! how are you?!" and you chat for a sec, until you realize you're blocking traffic. then he pulls over, but is still illegally parked. and if you have a website, like i do, you ask him some questions! that way it isn't a complete waste of time and you have material for a blog post! this happened to me a few days ago. 

and something neat to do tomorrow:


scott yeskel said...

funny, awesome and original content in your blog. I love it in a 'I'm straight and married' kind-of-a way.

ParkerandFriends said...

Seeing Fred on your blog made my day! Hi Fred!

Anonymous said...

Did he get a ticket?