Monday, February 9, 2009

chatting with barnaby:

so, a lot is going on. i'm trying to write this boycrazy blog, interview dudes and keep up with contributing to interview not to mention, keeping up with the job i do that actually pays me. i have lots of interviews scheduled with super cute boys AND epic stories/rants planned.

BUT TODAY, i give you barnaby. he has his own blog, he's english, witty, tall, and looks like the dude from the kooks. i'm working on coming up with better questions for the boys, so this interview with barnaby goes a bit beyond the typical "what do you love/hate about girls) rigamorole!

ps: this has absolutely nothing to do with anything, BUT- if you live near a Victoria's secret, get your ass down there! i don't know who the fuck is designing for them now...but it's crazers! i just spent $300 on some awesome matching bras and undies/panties. it's outta control over there. 

pps: have them fit you. as women, we are constantly fluctuating-body wise, so ask to be refit! it's the thing to do. plus you get to show a complete stranger your boobies...and that's always rad!