Friday, March 20, 2009


THIS ISN'T AN ANTI FEMINIST SITE! i don't hate riot girls. i don't hate anyone OR thing. in fact, i might love TOO much about everything. i LOVE boys and girls and did i say boys? and i can see the beauty in a woman. i will never get nasty with you, until you step on me and are an asshole for no reason. 

BUT if i WAS a lesbian, i'd be a lipstick lesbian. it's my choice. i think having a website like this is an example of how cool it is to be a woman now. we can pretty much do whatever we want! i can say whatever i like on this kind of forum without some husband that my parents said i MUST marry locking me in a closet and beating me up. we've come a long way. 

but the kind of woman i aim to make laugh on this site is the 'powerhouse', a woman who's the head of a company, married to a billionaire- even though she doesn't need a goddamn thing from him-they actually like each other, she has young hot 20 something dudes lusting after her, that she may or may not be having an affair with (cuz women cheat too you know) and she doesn't get plastic surgery cuz she likes how she's aging-but if she chooses to, she can, but in the meantime she just gets facials from Europeans, mani/pedis, sees a dermatologist and uses nice creams. wears a facial mask while she's working on her laptop and her husband's going down on her. 

i just never want me, or any of us, to get boring. i wanna look good, be happy, feel grounded, sexy, stylish, busy, loved and accomplished. respected, needed, treasured, till i die. but you HAVE to keep busy and organized in order to do this. you HAVE to balance a lot on your heels (i actually don't really EVER wear heels cuz they're bad for you and i'm already very tall, so that was just a loose metaphor. but you get the gist of it.) 

in the meantime, instead of not loving this blog and getting annoyed by it from time to time, (mistakenly thinking it's ANTI WOMAN) about you look into helping solve a little problem called 'the sex trade industry' where young girls are abducted or sold, drugged and forced into prostitution. i bet if they weren't being raped and on the verge of death and were healthy and safe at home- they would MUCH prefer to be reading this blog RATHER than be stuck in the back of a van. xoxo


Jemibook said...

I love this blog, because you are so blunt about how you feel about things, and you aren't afraid to say things because they aren't the mainstream ideas/thoughts right now [i.e. feminism everything/ riot grrl everything] . You talk about sex and boys and girls like you would talk about it with your closest friend's, blunt, dirty and sometimes filthy. I personally can appreciate a woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind in the manner that you do. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I seriously could not agree more with you. All around me, every day, I see so many women who have clearly just given the fuck up, and that is so sad and, to me, absolutely repulsive. I never ever ever want to stop taking care of myself and giving a shit about how I present myself, FOR myself. But then, I also never ever ever want to have kids, so I think that will probably make things a whole lot easier on me. Like you said, our lives today are about choices, more choices than we've ever had before. I plan on looking out for number one, until I die.

flotsam & flummery said...

Strong words, missus...
AND HEELS ARE BAD FOR YOU?! What?! How?! Why?!