Wednesday, March 18, 2009

i only wanna be ANNIK:

BEING ANNIK: i hope you've seen the movie "control" about joy division. duh! it was epic! annik is the sexy girl, the mysterious fox that the guy from joy division falls in love with and ultimately wants to be with. actually, who knows who or what he really wanted. he was sad, confused, riddled with guilt/uncertainty. all i know is: Annik was WAY more enticing to me than his wife's character (played by samantha morton). annik was sexy, well dressed, exotic, wasn't heavy with a mom vibe which gives most guys the blahs! she got "it". whatever 'it' may be. I'M straight and I wanted to fuck her! 

because of this, i often find myself telling boys i have a crush on or i just think it to myself while i stare at whatever boy is in front of me- just silently in my head....that i NEVER wanna be Samantha Morton's character from control. i only ever wanna be annik! but how is this possible? women are complex, multi faceted creatures. we can do so much, we're practically men now. so how is it possible to remain as sexy as annik ALL THE TIME? how can we keep the annik essence AND tend to the normal everyday stuff- without being labeled boring, angry, aggro, ball busters???

I'M NOT SAYING TO SEXUALIZE EVERYTHING or ASPIRE TO LATCH ON TO A MANS COATTAILS....i'm saying we have to DO and BE a lot as women! duh! that's already the goal. but seeing h.j.n.t.i.t.y (he's just not that into you), really made me think! i'm kinda embarrassed about this , but not enough NOT to tell you! i'm not kidding! i don't ever wanna be jennifer connely's character! this post is MEANT to be a thought provoking uplifter, but i may be too confused to write it.

i want to grow into a woman like angelica Huston, parker posey,Charlotte rampling, etc. you know? SEXY, TALENTED, ACCOMPLISHED, WELL SEASONED, EXPERIENCED, ADULT WOMEN. but there are SOOO many opportunities to get lazy and fail at this. 

we make choices as PEOPLE, not just as WOMEN. our profession, who we surround ourselves with, the thoughts we have, who we know & let get close to us, how we balance & allot our time, the car we drive, the supermarket we shop in, the clothes we wear, the things we say, the part of town we live in. all of this is a choice. it's what defines us, divides us and categorizes us into groups or scenes. and the type of woman you want to be is a CHOICE. 

YES,I KOOOOOW: ultimately it doesn't matter what people think of you, as long as you like who you are. BUT giving up on how you present yourself and chalking it up to 'who gives a fuck' is kind of a cop out too. you could miss out on some exciting experiences and opportunities: in life, with men or women, or just how you see yourself. NOT making an effort in how you put yourself together isn't the best choice either. 

personally, i LOVE movies like the old timey james bond films, where women were spies and seductresses. that looks AWESOME. espionage, fancy dresses. meanwhile, i can barely get my flip flops on and run out the door to nature mart on hillhurst. i love flip flops and not wearing makeup...but i could also take myself to the max and use everything i've got. 

i'm NOT gonna get a lobotomy and a boob job and never give myself a chance to speak cuz my mouth's always full of some dude's dick i'm blowing! NO! that's not what i'm suggesting at ALL! i'm suggesting going full throttle girly styles and taking over the world!!! (to be continued)


gwen said...

oh man, i just got a new boy and i'm already starting to feel like "the wife." NOT COOL! three nights with no sex! wtf?

tonight i will think annik and only annik. and, possibly, i'll think a little bit about sam riley too because dude's fucking smoking.

apocalypstick said...

I asked a guy out in a really cute way via email where I sent him a link to a photo of a note I wrote that says "Do you want to go out with me?" with a box for yes and a box for no.

I didn't hear from him. I think he ignored the email.

What would you do?

Anonymous said...

is this turning into an advice column??? are you the new "go ask ask alexi"??? i certainly hope so , i think your just genius... keep up the good work. holllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

loveroffashion said...

confidence is sexy...Men LOVE a woman that LOVES herself...oh and every woman should keep her body tight yo.
Men lose interest in saggy asses.

Anonymous said...

totally agree. maybe we could start by dressing like women instead of like men

i'm talking about all the skinny jeans boyfriend jeans cardigans flannel shirts tunics and oversized buttondowns. all designed for narrow no curve bodies.

o but it's what all the cool girls seem to be wearing...

Anonymous said...

omg i was thinking about this today. My guy friends are even turned off by me!

I mean, i put tons of effort into how i look and present myself, and after 3 beers they'll make out with me, or drive all the way to Venice to see me only to ignore me as soon as i say "oh you're on the rebound, huh." without thinking, and i hit the nail on the head. So i get ignored and then they find some "really nice girl" and go date herrr. And i didnt even want to date them, they're friends but they acted so weird they sucked me in.

my friend says this is happening all over now with boys. she says they're completely noncommital and living peter pan lives and it makes me sick.

waaah waaaah waaaah, i'm going to suck on a bottle now. a bottle of jack daniels.

Anonymous said...

ps. of course Annik would just strut her stuff somewhere else, and throw cares to the foxy wind.

*annik* *annik* *annik*

Anonymous said...

pps. what's your take on friendly girls? Should we be mysterious hard-asses instead?

Anonymous said...

aw 'control' was so sad. ian curtis WAS NOT as cute in real life, just saying.
ps I STILL want jason boesel on the comp. screen!

Anonymous said...

Grow up!

Anonymous said...

the real life annik was and is not as hot, sexy or pretty as samantha morton is. the only real life picture you can ever see of her is in the book torn apart. fyi

drinking with them said...

i love this fucking blog.

Mfg said...

annik is amazing