Monday, March 23, 2009

my kxlu experience:

this past friday, i paid a visit to kxlu 88.9fm los angeles. i was asked to be a guest on a program called demolisten, hosted by octavius and fred kiko aka 'my new best friends'. it was my goal to shamelessly plug my blog AND my musical side project called "chloe sebastian oliver". i did both! please join me on this epic journey of self consciousness!!!

boycrazy- my kxlu experience: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.
here's me and octavius hosting the show! click here for audio only!


Anonymous said...

Oh God, I agree about the mechanic guy.

And that Charles Smith is just of another time.

Love what you've done with this blog!


gladiator said...

you killed it! god job boycrazy!!xoxo

jesse said...

dude! hey remember me? im going to be bugging you again, hey whats up? i think this post is really great, i expessially like the first video of you like getting warmed up and driving and texting. its like whats the word....perfect!

ok see you in another comment area! byeee