Wednesday, April 15, 2009

what just happened:

phew! i feel SO much better compared to where i was at emotionally during that last post! but enough about me! let me deflect any remaining rage/sorrow/confusion i may have, by putting all my energy into pepping up whoever's even reading this b**g!

i got some lovely letters, e-mails, (whatever you wanna call them)messages- from people who read this thing. girls and boys who are heartbroken and sad about boy related bullshit! these people have jobs and responsibilities, and i'm hoping NO children cuz i really don't think this blog reaches that demographic, but maybe the young hip moms-whatever! my point is, it's time to get serious! DEAD SERIOUS MOTHERFUCKERS! 

if i'd STILL been bummed out today, i wouldn't have posted this OR done things that are actually important for that matter; like pay my taxes and take my trash out! and that CAN'T happen! 

what i DID do while bummed, that i'm now regretting, is pick at my face. but neosporin MIGHT take care of that by tomorrow morning! cross your fingers/light a candle. what i DON'T regret is the thai food i ordered (tonight the delivery guy wore a blue and orange-BOLD-striped shirt,dark denim, and a hat. maybe it's his clear skin and bright eyes that impresses me so much!), the epsom salt bath i took, the facial mask i applied, the fact that i started reading a book, watched real housewives of nyc, looked for eames furniture on craigs list, contemplated buying tracey andersons workout dvds on THAT'S RIGHT FATTY'S! summertime is kinda almost nearly here maybe! and we gotta look GOOD!

but more importantly, we can't stray and be miserable lumps while devastated and heartbroken. we have to forge on or whatevs. i went to target and bought a jump rope, some super tight black sports bras, black undies (high waisted like the ladies who scrub you at olympic spa), and a bowler hat - like sienna miller circa 2006 styles! I DON'T GIVE A FUCK! 

even if your eyeballs ache and burn from all the crying you've been doing, suck it up you dirty dick sucking bitches and get it the fuck together! you can't lose the dude AND everything else you've worked so hard to attain! so call your mom if she isn't dead, get a jamba juice, THEN  starbucks RIGHT after! don't eat so much, maybe do that cayenne diet thingy, but only if you won't turn into a grumpier bummerhead. sit at the 101 cafe if you live in la (order a nonfat OR soy chai tea latte-they're unreal, I PROMISE!). and invite me over and we can do a Pilate's video together. shit, i took it too far. but feel free to e-mail me! 

buy a black (classic) string bikini, or a neato high waisted one that i saw in that mag the other day! and take charge of your life!!! as if the cad never had the power to make you cry in the first place. I LOVE YOU!


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detasha said...

I know the feeling of bummbedness we all have those.
Good 2 see u kicking arse today
my dear!x

apocalypstick said...

Dude parking at the 101 SUCKS. My friend and I totally wanted to hit it up and find cute dudes to order chocolate cake too but the parking was ridiculous. So then we tried to go to Swinger's but parking sucked there as well. We wound up at Jerry's on Beverly. LAME CITY.

anyway. what?


Way off topic, however i just wanted to say that you need to go back to your roots!!(your first like 10 posts) you were so on. I was like in awe reading your blog then thinking how many girls i know that are just like this. It gave so much clarity ,it was before it became you interviewing some lames about how little they know about women.
Not to sound like some gay publicist saying that your "cool factor" has gone down or anything but come with it!! oh and i wont be commenting anymore because let's face it I'm a little too awesome of a boy to be in cyber space commenting about things.LoL

Anonymous said...

Alexi, you really are and always have been the most magical creature. Don't ever stop.

kate b.

Anonymous said...

love you! online personality wise you seem to be the mirror image of myself, but a bit more emo (but since you were emo over OTHER people's problems, you have been forgiven!)

love your blog, keep up the good work!

here's a tip though, when you interview your hottie dudes, try to put yourself in their shoes and help them feel less uncomfortable having their bubble invaded by your camera (ex. start a littler further away distance wise, until they get more used to the camera. Another, give them some space / time to talk, we subconsciously wanna fill in the silences but that gives the boys no time to formulate whole answers to your (bombardment) questions)

good luck!