Tuesday, April 7, 2009

the boy who ACTUALLY likes crime scene sex:

oh my fucking god! the hills was OFF the the motherfucking chain last night! that shizzzz was fucking AWESOME! 

*spoiler alert, spoiler alert: the bar fight, the new characters, a more likable lo, audrina's make-up is less severe, lo and audrina friendly with one another, Brody and Spencer face to face! what the fuck???

as usual i sang the theme song aloud, alone to myself with feeling, emphasis and pride. like a true champion who should know better but has an intense loyalty to her show! 

speaking of LOYALTY: for the first time, i understood what spencer meant when he challenged Stephani's family loyalty! i've never been on his side before, but what kind of sister shows a third party text to her brother's fiance! even though, Spencer WAS flirting! (i mean who are we kidding?) but it's not like he has a website called imGIRLcrazy or anything geeze!

AND: did everyone see my friend CHARLIE on the hills last night?! if you missed it, you're a SICK masochist!

i think i can hear my gay dude neighbors talking about Heidi, Spencer and the bartender! i almost wanna run over right now in no bra and just my flimsy nightgown, knock on their door and scream "my FRIEND is on the hills! the hills!" but i can't, because a small small part of me has logical restraint.

NOW, onto my next topic:  this is Freddy. the other day i went facebook crazy. i requested everyone & anyone who looked familiar, goodlooking, young, had a cool name and/or bangin' default pic! freddy was one of these people. he wrote to me; told me we'd met 7 years prior and had seen eachother around town ever since, but really never spoke. i was at the 101 cafe one night and facebooked him back saying "if you're near the 101, swing by and i'll interview you." 

NOT ONLY DID HE SHOW UP..... BUT HE RODE THERE ON HIS BIKE!! Freddy is a sweetheart. a lovely man. but one thing stuck out in his interview! something that made that bike ride and my decision to facebook him TOTALLY worth it! enjoy! xoxo

boycrazy video- the boy who actually LIKES crime scene sex! from alexi wasser on Vimeo.


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Anonymous said...

crime scene sex is chill unless you get that weird lining in your mouth. when i first experienced it i was like "hey! what's this shit?" then i was like "oh... ok... cool"

ToeNail (tonio) said...

that guy is my idol