Tuesday, April 21, 2009


boycrazy video - tribute to a mentor AKA rickey kim: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

I've ALREADY blogged about Rickey, but i met up with him yesterday and REALLY felt the need to put him up here again. every time i meet with Rickey Kim, it's like a motivational slap in the face. every boy and girl should have a rickey kim in their life!

even though he says things like 'hood' and street slang stuff; and I'm probably the whitest person you'll ever meet (I'm the inspiration for Carlton's character from 'the fresh prince of Bel Air')- whenever Rickey and i sit down for a power chat I have a GOD DAMN blast. 

sometimes i get nervous, cuz there are so many things i wanna ask him about technology, business, power playing and (as Rickey would say) "taking my shit to the next level"! the dude is constantly doing things, collaborating on projects, bringing people together, and inspiring me to be the best i can be!

and for that....I've elected Rickey Kim: dude of the day!


Kaethe said...

he looks like the kind of person that could actually make ghetto slang expressions cool again.

(oh, something else - is there any place where one can download chloe sebastian oliver music? it's kind of weird to listen to one's own myspace profile song 15 times in a row ... or maybe that's just me.)

Anonymous said...

gooooood ol rickey!

Anonymous said...

my boyyyyy ricey kim

SK said...

saw this on rickey's site! loved the video :)