Friday, January 23, 2009

2 things that 1 dude doesn't like about girls:

2 things 1 dude doesn't like: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

ps: hillhurst is a loud street!

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Anonymous said...

Three things I don't like about this boy:
1. Bitching about nagging is as bad as nagging itself.
2. The idea of romance has kind of been around since the beginning of time, and has most DEFINITELY helped this guy get laid. Just ask him.
3. Smoking is gross as fuck.

hillary said...

what kind of loser involves this guy in her romantic fantasy world??

Anonymous said...

he's foul

Anonymous said...

I don't understand this blog. At all. I mean, I do--I have been young and insecure, with a deep desire to be exceptional and seen as attractive by men, sexualizing every situation I was in, constantly weighing whether I was hot or not. Being young, hot and insecure is no crime, but this is a bummer.

Who cares what men think? Who cares what men think of you? Who cares what some hungover self-hating 27 year old guy thinks about how women should smell or look or cater to him? Do women really need more information about what men think is cool or gross or hot or the things we can do to please them? We are bombarded by that from every bit of media, book, song, magazine we see. We are taught from an early age that what men think of us is more important than what we think of ourselves, and that the only way to have power is to subdue men and gain access to their power. Why play into such a life-shredding lie?

boycrazy said...

bold comment ANONYMOUS. i totally get what you are saying and i started this blog because of that. read between the lines and if you can't do that, then don't read this blog at all. you should stay away from things that upset you. but i appreciate the time and energy it took to write that comment.

Anonymous said...

I have to say I kind of agree with the anonymous commenter who felt this blog aided the old stereotypes. (Although it seems this blog doesn't appear to want to be taken so seriously.) AND, Boycrazy, I also think this blog is hilarious, candid, cheeky, and kind a hipster's guilty pleasure. I enjoy reading it, but I do think you could still keep the balance of male and female viewpoint, and all the charm of this blog, without so much focus on the outer. Your insights about inner change were astute and funny as well! And A's for Enthusiasm! ;)

gladiator said...
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gladiator said...

woah! everyone needs to chill out. this guy was asked to answer a question. Specifically, "what don't you like about girls?". it's not like he goes around hating on women all the time. geez!

vinnieprago said...

yikes! seriously, is he really foul and gross?? I think he's just a normal guy answering a simple question.. . go easy....

Anonymous said...

so i was asked "what do you hate about girls?" I said "hmm I really love girls, I can't think of anything." Then I was asked "come on really think about it?"(over and over) So I dug really deep. In reality my mom is my favorite and most important person in my world, some of my best friends are girls, and I worship my girlfriend. With that said, my mom nags at me at times because well she is a mother and that's what moms do, doesn't mean I love her any less, in fact when she nags I say "alright mom quit nagging at me," and she will laugh. And my girlfriend well she is a hopeless romantic. I ask her politely and jokingly (as it really is not that big of a deal) to remove me from her romantic life cause I believe in living in reality, this doesn't mean I love her any less.
Furthermore people who responded to my comments should really pick up a book, take a walk, do something nice for someone else, buy a cat, do something but responding to some strangers comments somebody made on a blog called "imboycrazy" is really sad.

Anonymous said...

Dude! Thats Brian from Afternoons! haha!

mathew adam ward-