Friday, January 30, 2009

the doctor said so:

Before i launch into my story: 
tonight, Jan 30 2009 @ Space 1520 from 7-10PM 
TV Books Gallery Closing Reception Party with live performances by Abe
Vigoda, The Goat and Mikki + the Mauses.
PLUS: the 2nd issue of 'light on a sidewalk'- by mike piscitelli
(if you were at the OPENING for tv books & had your portrait taken, you're probably in it!)
Space 15 Twenty:
1520 N.
Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028
I love my doctor, but every once and a while she tells me about something i wasn't asking about and don't really think i need. today it was a laser facial procedure called q-tera or something. it's amazing how responsive the brain is to suggestion. i said 'thanks for the info, and if i decide to do it, i know who to call.' and now, hours later, I'm writing to you about it. she really hammered it in with the sentence "i swear to god Alexi, if you start in your twenties, you'll never have to go under the knife." wow. and you know what? she's probably right. RUN, DO NOT WALK, TO THE TELEPHONE AND MAKE A GODDAMN APPOINTMENT WITH THE BEST DERMATOLOGIST IN TOWN! 

between you and me, i already get the aurora laser skin therapy once a month. and it's awesome. i use retin a, and moisturize with the most expensive anti aging creams from kiehls. it's better to be safe than sorry. and it's only a little more expensive than gold! but, like I've said before: you are worth it!

afterwords, i went to Chanel (i mean, i was already in beverly hills-why not?) to see if they had the jumbo/black/classic/lambskin purse with gold hardware. as i walked in, i passed a super tacky, albeit
uuber expensive yellow Ferrari parked outside. i don't know why this upset me enough to roll my eyes and walk into Chanel saying loudly (someones yellow Ferrari is being towed outside!" sales people FREAKED out! uttering cries of "no! oh no! that's bijans car! what should we do??? someone, call bijan!!" my work was done.

they had the purse i wanted.... BUT GET THIS...Chanel changed the look of the gold, and now GOLD hardware practically looks SILVER! harsh tokes.
whatevs. when i got back to my car, i had a parking ticket for $45. so i left it on bijan's windshield, got a Starbucks, and drove to Los Feliz where i belonged.


Anonymous said...

who is your dermatologist?
where do you get the aurora laser skin therapy done?
thanks! :)

sufferwords said...
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Anonymous said...

Few questions: So you bought the purse? And then came home to write a blog about how tacky it was? And if so, then after buying your over indulgent purse you were too cheap to pay a 45 dollar ticket? AND you put the ticket on the guys car. Great day for you!

Jennifer said...

Dear Mr. Bijan,
Does everything always have to be yellow? Get over yourself and your nasty cologne empire...or whatever! XOXO
Gotta love Beverly Hills!

How long does the laser skin therapy take? How much is it per session? Does it hurt? You should do a post of your skin regimen. You have beautiful skin and a beautiful face!

So, did you get the purse?

boycrazy said...

dear paige, i would NEVER call a chanel purse 'tacky'. i'm not sure what story you read, but i'm glad you're visiting the site. thank you for your continued support.

boycrazy said...

jennifer, thank you for your kind words. no, i didn't get the purse. the laser stuff hurts a tiny bit, like lil rubber bands snapping on your face. it takes about 25 minutes tops. go to a reputable dermo though! xo

boycrazy said...

anonymous # 1, e-mail me personally and i'll give you some dermo. info. xo

Ben Shrimpton said...

This is what happens when healthcare is not scoialized and doctors turn into sales people rather than doctors. Maybe Barak Obama can help the situation.