Wednesday, January 28, 2009

dude of the day!!!!!

oh look! the lil cub has emerged from dream land! How nice. Last night, he wore himself out licking some babes areolas, caressing her bum, kissing her neck and taking his time sucking on her lower lip. Look at those tats (oh wait, you can't see what i saw), those lips, that full head of hair! This dude's never going bald! He looks sooooo Italian. Like if Robert Deniro and AL Pacino had a love child! Hollah! Why are mafioso movies so sexy? It's like, this dude would show you how good he is at giving head, totally blow your mind, then blow your brains out! saying "arreviderchi" right before he sends you off to swim with the fishes! Mamma mia! Italian dudes are studs!