Thursday, January 22, 2009

deep in the beverly center:

The Beverly Center! The mall that sucked me into its fast paced, fluorescent lit vortex for 5 hours and didn't even apologize! But why should you bev center? I was asking for it. After Christmas sales can be brutal! But my 2009 outfits are gonna be sweet! Today, I tried wearing a beret! Today, I tried wearing red lipstick! Today, i was a whole new me that only exists and CAN ONLY exist in the confines of the Beverly Center. it was super OK to try out a new look! and the tranny boys behind the MAC counter encouraged it! IT WAS EXHILARATING! gay dudes at Club Monaco called me 'fierce'! me! they asked me where I came from! What a great day! Meandering about the mall, I saw so many cute boys! I'm not sure how many of them were straight, but I'm pretty sure at least one of them would have fucked me! And isn't that all that really matters? h&m, and forever 21 on the tip top floor of heaven on earth. an hour into my epic day, i ran into the guy I'm occasionally sleeping with! who cares that he didn't love my neon lime beret and viva glam red lips? who invited him anyway?! this was no time for nay sayers and dream dashers! it was MY DAY! this was my castle! barbies dream house! and he wasn't ken. he was an evil warlord from the wrong side of the tracks. we said our goodbyes. and i got a Starbucks.I cruised h&m for everything great! for some, my red lips were man magnets. a whole new breed of men that i don't usually attract! i caught the eye of a very successful looking (based in nothing but how crisp and clean his outfit was), tall, classy looking, musician type-with a non embarrassing Mohawk (it kinda looked endearing). he was clearly in love with my vagina, but i HAD to leave, cuz i left my wallet at Starbucks-the one ACROSS the street at the Beverly connection, NOT the one on the top floor across from h&m. don't ask me why. but at least they had my wallet and i got in some cardio! I'll never know what could have been with the Mohawk dude. he was gone by the time i got back. so i took off the beret, and i rubbed off my lipstick, and continued sleeping with that other dude, who will NEVER understand the 'Beverly Center' me.  


sufferwords said...

nice sage picture

gladiator said...

nice credit to the artists! i love sage's paintings!