Monday, April 13, 2009

too bummed to blog:

have you ever let a boy affect you to the point of tears? ever felt unwanted or unloved? ever felt let down/empty and betrayed by a boy cuz you put WAY more passion/love/feeling into him than he does you? ever cared so much more/were affected so much more by him then he was by you? well, enough's enough! it's like that saying in the final scene of labyrinth, when jennifer connaly has the epiphany and says to david bowie 'you have no power over me'. well, jennifer connaly's never spoken truer words to me through a movie IN MY WHOLE LIFE! MY WHOLE LIFE GOD DAMN IT! 

if the guy you're pining over is an aloof, cold, monster that doesn't show any emotion- and always leaves you feeling empty and wanting more; break up with him, cheat on him, or make a video of yourself crying and send it to him!!! by the time you're done, you'll feel way better. i know i did! if he can't drive over to
los feliz from santa monica every once in a while, imagine what he won't do for you in the future. the world is big! there are soooo many dudes in echo park/the lower east side! and life is long (IF you don't get in a car accident, die of aids cancer, or OD on heroin percocet crack cocaine vicodins. RIIIIIGHT!)

i don't care if he wears dark denim jeans and super awesome
american apparel button down shirts (please click THIS link to buy one, you'd be a fool NOT to)- if that's the limit of what he has to give you in this relationship, then that MUST be the end point of your relationship ladies! full stop! in my case, the guy i'm dating thought my video (see below) was just a hilarious joke. i sure hope he doesn't find out about my b.l.o.g.) xo

boycrazy video: sad girl, AKA, too bummed to blog from alexi wasser on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

There are SO MANY wonderful boys in Echo Park :)

peabo said...

is your blog a marketing ploy by american apparel?

Anonymous said...

this blog wuz cool, but
now it seems fake-
and american apparel sux

boycrazy said...

yes!!! my blog is a totally generic gimmick. i can't believe you guys figured it out. it's not like i've been talking about apc, urban outfitters, forever 21, h&m, and america apparel since i started this blog or anything.

all my supposed 'personal' stories i share with you here are, in reality, created by stylish robots in a secret office tucked away at the american apparel downtown factory! you genius's! i love anonymous haters!

on a side note, how can you hate american apparel? they sell plain t shirts. even if you choose not to shop there, how can you conjure up hatred for a retail chain?unless we're talking about 'hot topics', but i don't even hate that place, it just makes me laugh!

thanks for the continued support! xo

mcdazzler said...

Fuck those haters, girl. You get what's yours and keep on shinin'.

I wrote this 8 page text in the style of rap to a boy once and he didn't respond.

Im working on a new rap. Check it: U used to think i wuz a lesbian but really im a thespian tryin my best to scare you away. Its kinda workin but you still lurkin an im ascared of realitay. Could it b, would it b, should it b luv? Are you a buster or my nigga sent from heaven above? We got intimacy issues like crazy, yo. An i cant figure out what scares me mo- that you could feel somethin real or that you just wanna keep skull ding dongin this ho-ho. Im gettin old and i wanna have a family, wish it could be with you but i doubt u can handle me. Here I go frontin like im so fo sho. I barely know you what the hell am i fightin fo? Its somethin we cant name- impossible to deny. It makes us crazy pants it even makes us cheat and lie. Always tryin to make myself understood, It’s like dang boy, you the one can make feel so good. U make me feel like a bad bad girl. U rock my word so hard it makes this bitch wanna hurl. Maybe its true that I know you from a past life, Maybe if we was muslim I’d be fine playin second wife. But I don’t care what the fuck mohammed said and you aint dealin with no 21st century kooze. Its time to step off or step it up (i know youre not big on ultimatums but) you got to choose or lose.

oh well. thanks for sharing.

tempo said...

You have a very cute face. Don't be sad.

Anonymous said...

i like your blog, fiction or nonfiction or both, its lovely and funny and sometimes "she just wrote what??" -keep it up, as i enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

aaaw you're pretty and cool. pretty cool. no worries, all is well. did you break up?

if so, let go, life is beautiful

but yes, it can be sooo not cool giving so much love and not receiving. but you know someone is going to love your awesome cool self forever as much as you love him! it will happen! most importantly, keep being your sweet funky open self



Mr. Kim said...

You Poor Thing!

Anonymous said...

don't worz! don't let him get uptight in your kinky bean! can't win 'em all! c'est la vie! que sera sera! look, it's baseball!

my fav blog always and forevz. even if aa is kind of whatevz.

DUSKIN said...

wait, you're joking, right?

Anonymous said...

Wow. I wasn't even all that into American Apparel, but now that I know they have a secret office tucked away in downtown Los Angeles staffed by stylish robots (I hate those clashy robots) that write faux personal blogs. Well, sorry, but that's just pure 99 1/4% awesome. That's way cooler than a random girl writing an angsty blog - sorry, but robots = kool.

I'm not a blogger (wherefore do I exist?), so how do I appropriately sign with the Anonymous Hater tag? Kinda new to the whole blogger thing. Yay, 2002, here I come...

(Can I use Name/URL and still keep my man of mystery status?)

boycrazy said...

best anonymous comment EVER!

robotofmystery said...

Best anonymous comment ever? Damn robots. I specifically told them it was supposed to be the best comment ever. Period. Maybe it was something to do with my punctuation - those robots can be awfully picky. My robots will get in touch with your robots. They can do lunch and hash things out.

Wait. Maybe you meant the best anonymous comment was the one that said, "aa is kind of whatevz." Oh well, and here I thought you were falling for my witty turn of phrase. But I can't compete with that level of wordsmithing. (Note. Wordsmithing sounds kind of dirty to me right now. Whatevz.)

boycrazy said...

i think i know who robot mystery is!

robotofmystery said...

If you knew, I wouldn't be robotofmystery. Or even robotofintrigue. Maybe robotofbrilliance, but it doesn't have the same ring to it.

I'd be pretty impressed if you did some serious detecting and figured it out. Maybe all those carefully developed mad stalker skillz actually will come in handy for you after all.

Yet that seems doubtful (that you've figured it out - I'm sure your stalker skills are wonderfully handy). I've carefully covered my technological tracks. Which might sound more convincing if I weren't confused earlier on how to leave blog comments. Or is it blomments?

Happy Up Here said...

girl! good stuff. next time i'll be in l.a. i would like to meet you. not sure about the many wonderful boys in echo park, but let' see if this is true. at least at some other place (we're not talking about america here) there are some wonderful boys too. xoxo

boycrazy said...

YAY! sounds good! xo

SK said...

what you say is true! funny how it takes girls a long long time to realize those revelations though.

that video might be a joke but the tears seem too real!

Mickie said...

I don't know you, but if I did I would give you a hug. xoxo