Sunday, December 21, 2008


no! it's Sunday! you shouldn't even be on the Internet, let alone reading blogs! I'm flattered, but you shouldn't have. i understand that there's a lot of down time, and it's the perfect opportunity to read my blog-but I'm out humiliating myself now and collecting stories to tell you. if you're not all caught up with my previous posts, now would be a good time to do so! the following 5 days ahead have a lot in store for us. fun stories. cute boys. me looking like a retarded asshole! i can't wait! but, like i said, TODAY IS SUNDAY! the day of lazy craziness. you should be having sex with some dude you picked up last night at Teddy's OR getting ready to go to sway! so, put on a facial mask why don't you?! expensive or cheap....i don't give a fuck! just do it. have you tried the insanely affordable yet highly effective queen Helene mint julep masque? it's to die for! see you tomorrow! until then, here are some you tubes of the woman who made me.......(the 2 guys are my uncles. my mom's the one with the boobs.) xo


loveroffashion said...

your mom has nice pipes, and boobs!

Katie said...

I like your blog more and more each day.