Sunday, December 14, 2008

let's try this again:

*update: I've been given a lot of shit because the 3 people reading this blog felt that my original saturday post (a shout out to Dallas Clayton) was a throw away post (no offense Dallas-although I'm pretty sure you aren't one of the 3 people reading my blog). i was under the impression that weekends were slow interweb days. the perfect days to post light/super caj things- because the chances of people reading are slim to none and i don't wanna run out of things to write about. but, I've realized that's practically impossible. i never seem to have a problem not shutting the fuck up, even when people want me to. i have plenty of stories about the boys i stalked and things i saw this week. here's one:
Eventually everyone ends up at target! two days ago i was on one of my epic Los feliz to m cafe walks, when i got in an argument over the phone with a guy i've made out with recently. we were on the phone, i was feeling especially sensitive and needy (i blame the full moon, but that's just me) and he didn't respond exactly how i wanted- so i got really grumpy and hung up on him. what an asshole! i didn't know how to snap out of it. i looked around me and my only options on the corner of santa monica blvd. and la brea were baja fresh, Starbucks, and target....why am i saying "only options"? i was practically in heaven. all i had to choose was which order i approached each one. i chose baja fresh first to get rid of my decrease in blood sugar-which was probably another reason i was such a grouchy bitch (but i still wont admit i did anything wrong-cuz he should have dealt with me better.) then Starbucks because sometimes coffee with only half and half with no sugar can be considered a dessert, and finally target! target is no longer something we have to mis-pronounce as :tar-jay" we've accepted it as awesome and now it's just target again. i can't wait for this to happen with forever 21. I'm so sick of whispering when people ask me where i got my dress. one day, ladies. one day. oh well, rome wasn't built in a day. so there i was, at target. alone, with no dude to call. i could wander for hours and no one could tell me otherwise. mecca. i saw a slightly over sized boyfriend sweater that looked super expensive and did not scream target at all. and on me, you might even think i bought it at opening ceremony....(PS: i had no idea ooga booga sold opening ceremony, did you?) anyway-i quickly got distracted when i spotted the very slender figure of a dude in dark denim, white sneakers, and a very worn white t shirt with a green and black plaid fitted flannel over it. oh shit! this was an exciting day! I followed the super cute boy all around the store, and finally when I got up the courage to ask to take his picture (for this, for you, so you could see what i saw), he said no. why were men being such monsters today? it couldn't have been me. I guess not everyone in la wants their picture taken. He asked me what it was for. he said he didn't want to end up on the Internet with his face on someone else's naked body. I freaked out and told him it was an extra credit school assignment that I'm doing about cute boys in good outfits who wear dark denim,plaid button ups, and white sneakers! i am a liar. His grandma asked what school I go to-i wanted to say "why are you here with your mom or grandma or whoever she is-aren't u like 25?" But the first thing outta my mouth was "cal arts". I don't go to cal arts. And if I did, I wouldn't be doing extra credit. I prayed he wasn't a student there. He seemed perplexed and looked at me dauntingly-so I blurted out "I'm not out to ruin your life! i promise! just look at my haircut! I'm on your side!" he shook his head and said no. I wished him well, and continued shopping! And when I did I found these, like god was winking at me: 

i mean, can you believe it! these are in the mens section at TARGET! just look at the pocket detail! they come in size small too! dude's, run as quickly as you can! i would if i could!

Dallas Clayton is an amazing guy. He also wrote "An Awesome Book". This is a Christmas gift that will even make the king of the jerks smile! Buy 1 today! You totally won't regret it. Merry Christmas!

An Awesome Book from dallas clayton on Vimeo.


Jeanette said...

thanks for adding to your original post. i'll have you know atleast five people read your blog. :)

boycrazy said...

thank you! xoxo

jesse said...

i go to target like once a week...those shirts rule...i wanted to get them so badly but i'm tired of dressing like a boy, wait i still dress like a boy but atleast i'm putting an end to more boy clothes entering the closet...knowmsayin?

boycrazy said...

good thinking jesse! i did the same thing! i had to train myself to dress like a girl! xo ps:you just inspired a future post! xo