Thursday, December 25, 2008

just another day:

Please don't think I'm a COMPLETE asshole, but the other day- while I was eating at whole foods-(something I put together ALL BY MYSELF at the salad bar) I was TOTALLY put off my food when a homeless person walked by me. I didn't want to be put off my food/lose my appetite for sooo many reasons. I didn't want to be THAT shallow and judge mental/easily affected by dirty people. PLUS, I was starving. But she walked past me like 3 times and by the 3rd time, I was done! She had won. Oh fuck, now that I think back, I should have given her my food instead of throwing it away. But would that have been more insulting? Oh well. Too late now. I left and got a Starbucks. Then I drove to another whole foods without even thinking! (isn't that adorable?) I went grocery shopping. i can be so efficient and responsible when i put my mind to it. When did super markets become such a beacon of hope and a security blanket in my life? While there, I spotted a cute dude in the parking lot. I was hoping he'd walk into whole foods, but alas- no. He was heading into the 99 cent store. don't EVER pick up dudes at the 99 cent store. you're only asking for trouble. Inside whole foods #2, I bought some rice cakes, cuz I really wanted something sweet, but didn't want to feel guilty. Rice cakes are a meaningless food that do nothing for you, but at the time it seemed way better than a vegan piece of cake. I had a whole plan: caramel and/or cinnamon toast flavored rice cakes, with honey on them. This was a snack that made sense in my head. Sometimes, I truly feel that if I can wrap my head around what I'm eating/and it's not super processed, and there aren't too many components, it can't be that bad for me. And as long as I don't eat 12 of them, I'll be fine. So I get into the checkout line, and the dude who was originally going into the 99cent store got in line behind me! No way! I couldn't believe it. it was a pre Christmas miracle! I acted super aloof and quasi casj(casual). And only smiled when I caught him staring at me out of the corner of my eye. The market was super hectic and people kept bumping into us. the holiday rush and whatnot! YOU know what I'm talking about! That's when I ever so lightly, opened my mouth and said "its crazy in here!" Yeah! I DID IT! a man magnet i am! the ball was in his court! He smiled. he loved me! I looked down at my basket. i had to give him a break from my penetrating gaze. i mean, i didn't want him to faint or anything. And that's when I saw his feet pitter patter out of the line...... and away from me.......and he never came back. I guess I'm not as cute as I think I am. merry Christmas. 


Owley Patrol said...

That boy was just lame, he belongs at that 99c shop; going to Whole Foods #2 was just a facade. He couldn't handle how adorable and lovable you are! Merry Christmas!

Lucy said...

a good abbreviation for "casual" is what i think i have been searching for my entire life!

Stay casj, sister.