Tuesday, December 23, 2008

because you're worth it (part 1):

Public restrooms will save your relationship. Doubt me all you want. tell me I'm crazy, and that I should fuck off-but I kid you not, don't use your boyfriends bathroom. In an early interview with Marilyn Manson and Dita Von teese-they answered the question: "what's the secret to a happy marriage?" Answer: "keep the bathroom door closed!" Sure, they eventually split-but the key word here is 'EVENTUALLY'! Just imagine how much sooner it would have ended-had they admitted to being human. Gross. Remain a creature of the night! Be mysterious! Say you're going to go to American apparel to buy a t shirt or something, when in reality, you're peeing at Starbucks. Be the beautiful, perfect woman you were born to be. We're already smarter-and trying to be sexy 24/7 (as hard as it fucking is) keeps us fine tuned and on our toes. It's like doing a crossword puzzle all the time! OR- it just sets us up to fail and feel full of shame and guilt when we ultimately CAN'T be perfect around the clock and face the fact that the reality of the situation is that we are in fact human after all. Either or. Just give it a go, and try not to fuck up your sexy factor. quitting is for quitters or whatever. is that the saying? you can let your hair down when you're around your girlfriends or when your dude's outta town. Lylas (love you like a sister) peace! Xoxo

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